Specialist EV Charger Installation

We’re dedicated to igniting the clean energy revolution and passionate about bringing effective EV charging solutions to businesses, homes and developers across the North West. Whether you’re a business looking to create a greener company culture, a homeowner in need of cheaper and cleaner transport, or a developer conscious of your carbon footprint, we have the perfect charging stations to help you hit your environmental targets, save some cash, and potentially even generate a new income stream.

Commercial EV Chargepoint Installation

Commercial Installation

Switch to a clean energy driving solution and reap the business rewards while basking in the positive PR as you stand out in your niche as leaders of the green revolution. A green fleet will save you money, save the planet, and create a new income stream in your business when you allow people to top up their batteries at your stations.

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Developer EV Charging Station Installment

Developer Installment

Create innovative, future-proofed development projects with our range of bespoke chargepoint strategies. They’re specially designed to fit your design needs, you can ensure your new build has a state-of-the-art EV charging solution and is ready for the REVolution.  Take advantage of all our EV expertise and local specialist support.

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Home Car EV Charging Point Installation

Home Installation

The fast and easy way to charge your electric car in the comfort of your own home. Our compact charging stations can be installed in your garage, or at a convenient point on your wall for driveway or on-street charging.

Get in touch for a free survey, a quote, and help accessing up to £500 in grant funding for your new chargepoint.

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Business Evolution is EVergreen…

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Innovators Are Industry Leaders

Innovators Are Industry Leaders

By 2040 all new vehicles sold will be EVs. Charging stations will very soon be a common sight in all business car parks, so why wait?  Would you rather be an industry leader, pioneering the green fleet rEVolution, or just another business sheeping along with the madding crowd when legislation inevitably takes away your a choice?

Go Green
To Make Green

Go Green To Make Green

The ability to generate a new revenue stream by providing charge points for visitors. Plus a growing cultural shift towards eco-friendly businesses that are actively fighting climate change and environmental issues. These days you have to go green to make green. It all starts with a clean, green fleet and the ability to position yourself as an Eco Warrior Brand.

Company Culture You Can Invest In

Company Culture You Can Invest In

Millennials are the world’s most powerful consumers. They’re also the most environmentally conscious generation we’ve ever seen. They want to buy from businesses that are helping, rather than hindering the planet. They want to work in environments that are culturally aware and proactive in combating climate change. They want to drive EVs.

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Save Money Gain Money

Save Money, Gain Money

Save Money, Gain Money

RES-EV are proud to offer the Home Charge Scheme and Workplace Charging Scheme grants to all our clients. Simply answer a few quick questions and our team can reclaim up to £500 in grant funding on your behalf.

You can also save on fuel expenses and earn money granting access to your chargepoints – getting an EV installation is a no-brainer.

Olev approved EV chargepoint installers cheshire

Advice From Your Local EV Experts...

Advice From Your Local EV Experts...

Questions about EV charging stations or the best kind of chargepoint for your business, development, or home?

Ask away, we’re here to help…

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Industry is a beautiful thing, but since humankind learned to harness the power of fossil fuels we’ve been steadily increased the amount of toxic gases released into the atmosphere.
We’re OLEV approved to install the world’s leading EV chargepoint brands, help you reduce your carbon footprint and keep the health happy, healthy, and EVergreen.

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What We Install

RES-EV is a specially-trained, OLEV-approved team, authorised to install leading EV chargepoint brands.


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