If you’re all for going green to make green and becoming an ecopreneur, there are so many options that you can get involved in as a business to help you to become more eco-friendly.

We’ve already seen a fumigated world of pollution, polar bears becoming a vulnerable species, and an ocean full of the rubbish from last night’s dinner. There are more than 5.25 trillion pieces of plastic in the ocean and counting, which is absolutely catastrophic.

It’s time to create change now, before it’s too late.

Mixing up your business ethos and making your business more eco-friendly can help save the planet, whilst helping improve your brand and company values. From opting to go paperless, to recycling, to being more environmentally responsible, there are options to suit your business.

Here are 5 quick ways to make your business more eco-friendly…

What Does Being Eco-Friendly Mean?

Being eco-friendly describes your active role in becoming responsible for the environment. You choose to care and nurture for your surroundings and promote the idea of being green.

Becoming an eco-friendly person means you think about your choices including your waste, energy conservation, amount of pollution you make and how much you recycle.

Think about what you can do to change our current environmental crisis by following some of these methods…

#1 Reduce Your Usage…

One of the very first ways to get eco-friendly and jump on the ecopreneur bandwagon is to think about your usage. Actively considering if you can alter your energy usage or change to a more renewable energy source can be useful.

Have you ever considered switching to solar power?

Maybe you’ve thought about reducing your energy usage by installing LED lighting?

As a business, there are so many ways you can reduce your wastage. If you have a big enough budget, you can install solar panels which are great for the environment but will still give you the energy you need to continue to run your business. This is the same for wind turbines, if you have space and finances, you should really consider having them installed.

You may even find that there are funding schemes available for you to take advantage of. This includes Barclays Bank who will give back up to £50,000 to small businesses who are investing in green initiatives. Or if that doesn’t float your boat, you may be interested in the Feed-in Tariff where the government will pay you for every unit of electricity that your solar system generates.  So it’s well worth having an in-depth research into what schemes may be more suitable for your business.

If you don’t have the budget to pay for a big investment like solar panels or wind turbines,  you can still make a difference. Websites like energybulbs.co.uk and The LED Specialist can provide you with great energy saving bulbs that are affordable for you. Putting these in your bathrooms, and offices can help reduce the amount of energy you use.

Regularly switch off your lights when you leave a room, take part in energy saving events such as Earth Day and think about installing light sensors to really reduce your light wastage.

#2 Think About Your Paper Wastage…

On average, a UK office worker uses up to 45 pieces of paper per day, and two-thirds of this is considered waste. It’s a truly staggering amount of paper wasted, and that’s just per day. Think about how much is wasted, per week, per month and per year.

This may be one of the hardest eco-friendly methods your business can get involved with, and that’s because you’ve got to change the original cycle. Get your staff to follow these quick, few tips to reduce their waste and help you to eventually go paperless:

  • If you really need to print anything off, always print double-sided rather than single-sided and save on the amount of paper you’re using.
  • If you need to schedule any meetings or discuss anything whilst you’re in that meeting, can you use other facilities to show what you need to discuss? Does everyone necessarily need a printout? Can you use technology such as an iPad to show your ideas? Or are there online platforms you can use to communicate with each other more effectively?
  • If you need to proofread any work, again use your current technology to do so.

Getting your employees involved can be difficult, especially if they’ve been stuck in the routine of regular printing whenever they like. Motivate your staff as much as you can and give them incentives to continue to think about their actions and their paper wastage.

If you have the option too, why not recycle your paper and extra material where you can. If using so much paper really is a necessity, think about how you can dispose of them environmentally.

Trying to reduce your carbon footprint can be a great way to show that your business cares. Signing up to support your local recycling centre and choosing to recycle correctly is important.

Simply providing recycling facilities for your employees will help reduce the costs involved with rubbish disposal, as they will eventually get into the habit of recycling.

#3 Why Not Reuse Your Recycled Materials?

So now you know that you should be recycling to help save the planet, why don’t you reuse your recycled materials?

Reusing recycled materials can be a great way to become an eco-friendly business as it shows you are taking an interest in how your business affects the environment and what you can do to change that.

Why not opt for recycled paper to use when you’re printing?

Or use eco-friendly pens and folders?

Getting your employees to think about the role they can play in being more eco-friendly is important. Can they reduce the amount of plastic they’re using? Setting monthly targets for your teams and running a competition can really motivate your teams to think more responsibly.

You will need to think about your recycled electronics too. Is there anything you can do with the older technology that has become obsolete in your company? What about taking it to a local recycling point who will take your unwanted electrical items or can you go to a local repair shop that can maybe revamp it for you?

#4 Outsource From The Right Source…

If you’re going to need any products ordered into your business, why not think about having biodegradable products delivered.

Having biodegradable products is an easy way to go green and be eco-friendly. From thinking about what you can recycle, to discussing the materials that become wasted in meetings and overall within the office.

They are better for the environment simply because they can be composed rather than sent to a landfill. They breakdown naturally and don’t require any equipment that can be damaging to the environment. You don’t even need to change your routine, just simply switch to a biodegradable product and it has the exact same use.

If you’re selling products too, you can be seen as a more eco-friendly company thinking about the future of our planet. You are showing a willingness to switch for a better lifestyle in the future and your caringness towards doing too. All you need to do is simply change to biodegradable packaging.

#5 Encourage Others…

Encouraging others to do the right thing is the most important part of becoming an eco-friendly business. Every day, the majority of your employees will be driving to work using their petrol and diesel cars.

What if they were encouraged to change to an electric car or get involved with a more environmentally friendly scheme?

Encouraging your teams to invest in their future by using schemes like the Cycle Scheme or by investing in an EV can make your business’ values look a lot more positive, whilst helping the planet.

EVs are often better for employees, as it still provides reliable transport, no matter what the weather is. They don’t have the pressure of having to cycle or walk to work when the temperatures are well below 0 degrees or when it’s pouring it down with rain.

EVs are perfect for carsharing too, whilst reducing the number of toxic fumes in the air, it still means that if they live further away they can still commute to work. Something to note as well, is that if you can provide EV chargepoints, your company will look even more environmentally friendly and willing to keep up with changing technologies. Your workplace will look more desirable to potential employees as you will now provide the facility and be one step of your competitors too!

As a business, you can get funding for EV chargepoints too which is even better for you! You can claim up to £500 off the cost of installation under the OLEV’s Workplace Charging Scheme, up to 20 sockets. That’s as long as your company has off-street parking, can demonstrate a need for the chargepoint and that it is installed by an OLEV-approved company like us.

The potential is massive, your staff could save up to £1,000 a year off their fuel bill. Whilst still gaining you a discount and tax relief.

Get Your Eco-Friendly Business Kickstarted Now…

Shaping your workforce to be more passionate about saving the planet will help your business to become eco-friendly. It may not be that easy though, especially if you want to opt to become the latest business to get involved with the EV rEVolution. We are specialist EV charger installers for businesses, homes and developers and are dedicated to igniting the clean energy revolution. Get in touch today to kickstart your business into the uprise of EVs…