The world of business is notoriously contradictory. Slow to change, yet constantly innovating. Perpetually coming up with new products and services, yet stubbornly refusing to leave behind outdated methods and policies that no longer reflect the highly changeable moods of a constantly evolving society.

Modern life is increasingly fast-paced and technologically driven, yet society is also rapidly realising the toll all that technology, development and progress has taken on the planet.

Industrial development has led to pollution, global warming, and a worldwide recycling crisis.

By 2050 there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish, and the tide of public perception has finally turned.

Even in the world of business, environmental activism is no longer a fringe concern.

Green Is The New Black…

Nowhere is this shift more apparent than in the auto industry. From Chevrolet’s Bolt to BMW’s i3, Kia’s Soul, and Nissan’s Leaf, dealerships are tripping over themselves to bring electric vehicles to the masses, and every major manufacturer is ready to roll out their own EV model.

Gone are the days when Elon Musk was alone in his vision of an electric vehicle for everyday consumers, and the rest of the world thought he was slightly mad.

A mere 3,500 cars registered in 2013 were plugin models, compared to over 63,000 in 2017, and that number is only continuing to rise, with the UK pledged to ensure all new vehicles sold from 2050 are ‘zero-emissions’.

The time is rapidly approaching when charge points will be a common sight in every car park. Savvy business owners have realised that, at some point, they will need to install charging facilities in their business infrastructure.

And the forward thinkers, trailblazers, and innovators are quickly realising there’s a huge financial gain to be had in getting ahead of the curve and opting for installations now.

The green revolution is coming, there’s no avoiding it.

Which means the only question remaining is whether you want to reap the rewards that come with leading the EV charge, or wait to be swept away by the inevitable necessity of installing charge points.

With so many business owners struggling under the weight of a rising tide of resentment for corporate culture, going green is not only an easy and effective way of positively changing public perception of your business, it’s a great way to save (and earn!) more revenue.

These days we need to go green to make green.

Here’s how to easily boost business with EVs and taking up the charge for the green revolution…

Show Big Business Cares…

One of the biggest challenges for a modern business is positioning your brand as a positive force in the world. A company that earns money not at the expense of others, but for the benefit of others.

Your brand image can be greatly elevated simply by positioning yourself as a business that cares; a business that is actively working to further environmental concerns by investing in a green fleet.

An eco-friendly fleet of company cars that run on electricity rather than fossil fuels currently makes a bold statement, showing your dedication to reducing the environmental impact your company has on the environment.

Wait until you have no choice but to outfit your business with charge points, however, and you’re not being innovative, forward-thinking, and caring.

You’re simply another business forced to comply with new government regulations.

Take the initiative and work to reduce your carbon footprint now, with an active environmental stance.

It has a lot of huge benefits, including:

  • Great PR
  • Ensuring you’re less reliant on natural resources than competitors
  • Ashowing you are actively combatting the rising costs relating to climate change
  • Future-proofing not only your finances but also your brand’s reputation

Go Green To Make Green…

The cost-saving benefits to your business of having a fleet of EVs are substantial. Between the government grants and tax breaks available, it’s entirely possible to save yourself as much as £100 per 1,000 miles travelled in an EV.

For cost-effectiveness alone, this makes outfitting your business with a charging solution and encouraging your staff to go green an absolute no-brainer from a business perspective.

EV is better for your company image, better for your bank balance, and better for the planet.

Become The Thought-Leader In Your Niche…

Despite the huge business benefits of cashing in on the EV revolution, green drivers are still in the minority, and businesses that actively encourage employees to go green even more so.

This has created the perfect opportunity for any business to not only cash in on the savings and government grants available, but to set themselves apart in their niche as the first to make the switch.

So much marketing is geared towards creating a platform that makes you stand out from the slush pile of other businesses, all clamouring for the attention of consumers. EV is a marketing and PR investment capable of boosting your profile, position, and revenue, simply by showing that you’re the most forward-thinking company in your industry.

Beyond the benefits of getting ahead of your competition, consumers are increasingly choosing businesses that offer eco-friendly options. In much the same way travellers now instinctively prioritise hotels and eateries that offer free Wi-Fi, they will very soon select businesses based on whether or not they have EV charging points available on-site.

Cash In With The ‘Go Ultra Low’ Companies’ Scheme…

If the prospect of future revenue isn’t tangible enough to convince you to invest, here’s a more substantial benefit to focus on:

Now is the perfect time to make the switch to EV, as you can take full advantage of the Go Ultra Low campaign, which is joint-funded by the Government and automotive industry as a way of promoting the benefits of electric vehicles.

Go Ultra Low is an accreditation scheme for companies large or small, public or private, looking to switch their fleets to electric. Any organisation can apply simply by having at least one plug-in vehicle in their fleet now, and committing to ensuring their vehicle fleets consist of 5% electric vehicles by 2020.

The benefits?

Public recognition for your new green-friendly fleet, and the chance to be championed as a leader in low emission business motoring.

You’ll also be in good company, with both national names like EDF Energy, Santander, and Microsoft, as well as small businesses like the London Fire Brigade, Manchester Metropolitan University, and Oxford Council already on board.

Boost Your Green Credentials With The Energy Saving Trust…

Another great way to boost the green credentials of your business – and make significant cost savings – is to work with The Energy Saving Trust, which offers free Ultra Low Emission Vehicle Reviews to identify where ULEVs would be operationally feasible in your fleet. They will also evaluate costs using a Whole Life Cost approach, and assess charging infrastructure requirements.

With no shortage of financial, reputational and moral considerations driving the future of EVs, the pace is already increasing for the rollout of EVs in the UK. It’s only a matter of time before the infrastructure to support a widely distributed electric future will be put in place, so why not get ahead of the curve and reap all the rewards that currently come with the shift?

Get in touch today for specialist advice and support about electric vehicle charge points, funding and creating a green fleet (and a lot more cash!) for your business…