With the green revolution in full swing, there are a lot of amazing benefits to having an EV chargepoint installation as part of your business plan. Becoming a green business is not only a highly effective way to boost your profile and tap into the increasingly eco-friendly mindset of the masses, it’s also an effective way of making more money.

And it all begins with the installation of an EV charging station so that your employees, customers, and members of the public can easily charge their electric vehicles.

Here at RES-EV we specialise in equipping businesses of all sizes with charging stations. But what exactly is involved? Here’s what to expect from a EV chargepoint installation…

Assessing Your Site…

In order to make an informed decision concerning the best type of charging station to install, it’s vital that you have a site visit and assessment. There are a wide range of options, and the best solution for you will depend on a number of factors including what you’re trying to achieve and where they will be installed. Having a site visit also enables us to provide you with a far more accurate quote and estimation of costs, as well as a clear idea of the practicalities involved in your installation.

What To Expect From Your EV Chargepoint Installation?

Once we’ve assessed your site and determined the best type of charging station for your business, we book a time that’s convenient and will cause the least disruption to your business possible. The installation itself always begins by digging out the bases for your charging stations. These will be placed carefully to ensure they’re as close to your power source as possible, and ideally in a flowerbed or somewhere that won’t require digging up your car park or pavement.

The next step is spraying from one post to the next and mapping out the route your cables will take back to your switch room or power plant room.

Once everything’s been dug out we’ll set your charging stations in place, making sure they’re equidistance from the curb, being careful to ensure there’s plenty of space for crash barriers to be added later to prevent unfortunate accidents and protect your chargepoints.

The next step is using post-Crete, an alternative to concrete that set in a few minutes and enables minimal disruption. Rather than waiting around for cement to dry we can crack on with you install on the same day, while minimising the mess as there’s no need to mix concrete.

We’ll then dig out the route back to the power source and connect your chargers. This is followed by adding steel cabling around each charger and mounting them to their bases.

When it comes to connecting them to the power we’ll either have to switch off your panel or install a board. If there’s not a mains board available and we need to power down to connect, it will be done at the most convenient time possible. That might mean overnight or at the weekend – whichever time will have the least impact on your business.

What’s The Best Place To Install A Charging Station?

Finding the perfect spot for your charging station is one of the most important aspects of your installation. The perfect spot is close to the front of your building, and as close to your switch or plant room as possible to make energy supply easy. We’re always as smart as possible when it comes to positioning your chargepoints so that mess is minimal and everything is kept within your boundaries.

If you’re ready to join the green revolution and start making money from your EV chargepoints, get in touch today to organise a site visit…