Since we were first told that all petrol and diesel cars will be banned to purchase new by 2050, everyone’s fled towards the rEVolution. More people are opting to go green and purchase an EV, sticking with an eco-friendly approach to their everyday commute. It doesn’t stop there either, people are joining local support groups helping to clean up the globe, and support the saving of our environment.  

The EV industry is always fluctuating and there’s always something new and exciting around the corner. In recent news, BP Chargemaster just activated their first 150kW ultra-fast EV chargers, the UK now has more chargepoints than petrol stations and the Audi e-tron has just received the IIHS’ highest safety rating. The industry is always developing and soon everyone will have an EV, hybrid or PHEV, opposed to the pollution created by petrol and diesel vehicles. 

We’ve spoken many times about the various cars you can purchase for individuals and businesses, including the top ten electric cars, and how to choose the best EV for your fleet. But what about the really cool electric cars? The luxury electric cars capable of steering the way for EVs in the near distance. Here’s the latest cool electric cars and how to figure out which one is the best for you…

#1 Meet The Nobe…

Classed as the “EV of the future”, the new Nobe is one of the latest luxury electric car brands. Currently out for funding, in preparation to build their final and official prototype, it’s the newest retro-styled, three wheeled EV. Audiences first saw this little gem of a car at the Geneva Car Show and through test drives in Estonia, proving that it has potential as a future electric car, likely to be ready for 2020. 

There’s currently two Nobe models on offer, the Nobe 100 and the Nobe 100GT. They’re both as equally unique as each other with plenty of options to choose from. Let’s have a look into them a bit further…

The Nobe 100

So what does the Nobe 100 have to offer? It has an incredible range of 210km, and a top speed of 110km/h. That’s roughly 130 miles and 68 miles per hour, now that’s pretty impressive for a three wheeled, vintage styled car!

It also has some gorgeous leather interior with electric windows and air conditioning. In this case, it keeps the traditional exterior of an older car and adds in the modern spec of a new car. It really is an interesting concept for upcoming cars and especially for EVs. There’s a serious gap in the market for vintage cars too, and it’s even better when they’re electric!

The Nobe 100GT

Their next version is the Nobe 100GT, which is an even more impressive vintage EV. With a stunning panoramic removal sunroof, and again a more modern spec this gorgeous mini car is a stunner in the EV world. It has a maximum torque of 1050Nm, a max power of 72kw and a top speed of 130km/h. It even has a bigger range of 50km which is even better to go touring across Europe. 

The Nobe claims to bring the latest innovation to the table, with the main battery powering each wheel, and a separate battery providing support and power for lighting, heating and the latest radio system. They took inspiration all the way back from 1885 with the Benz Patent Motorwagen. Very monumental!

#2 Testing Out The Honda E Protype…

Honda have always been at the forefront of every part of the rEVolution, making sure they provide their customers with the best hybrid and electric cars. Take the Honda Clarity for example, a future and concept car. It’s been talked about a lot recently and again is another great car showcased at the Geneva Motor Show. It’s the very first production saloon to have the entire fuel cell powertrain under its bonnet. They’ve really taken a different approach to the design of standard EVs and ensured that the Clarity is moving far away from any kind of petrol or diesel car. It even delivers 385 miles on a 3 minute fill up, now that is some statistic. 

Following one of their slogans, “Small Stack, Big Performance” the Clarity does just that, equally as good as their e Prototype. This evolution of the 2017 Urban EV Concept, it’s a pretty impressive car. It’s rather fancy and lavish design made sure that it was included in our cool electric cars list. Question is will this be an affordable electric car ready for 2020?

The e Protype has some lovely features includes side mirror being replaced by camera, pop-out door handles and a four dashboard screens. It’s rather techy. It’s a great choice for if you’re a regular city commuter and you need something small and quirky to get you around town. 

Honda claim that it has a range of over 120 miles and a fast charge option meaning that the battery charges to 80 percent in just 30 minutes. So this is definitely something to watch out for. They’re on preorder currently, so make sure you get there fast and reserve one in time!

#3 A Favourite – The VW ID Buzz…

We’re still loving this little motor after finding it a couple of months ago in the EV industry. Without compromising on all the good things about cars including performance and personality, Volkswagen have done a cracking job at creating this vintage but modern EV. Perfectly tailored to your needs, this cute car is ready, set and go to sell fast on the market. 

Known as the “creative hub” the ID Buzz is the perfect car to give you plenty of space whilst driving and more options to own your own mobile minivan. With AR head-up display and the option to explore nature, your options are endless. If you’re all about the outdoors and the ability to hop in and ride to your next destination, this is the car for you. Plus, you even get your own personalised greeting! How can anyone not love that?

Aside from it’s vintage style and fascinating design, there’s plenty of adventure to be had. With or without the family. Premium comfort. Fully automated driving blend. Finally a stressless drive with or without the kids. You’ve got plenty of room for all the luggage and no compromise on the space for your feet. There’s flexible seating that rotates so when you do need to get some sleep after a long journey, simply swivel your chair. 

As far as technology goes we’ve seen our fair share of distinctive and innovative ideas. But you haven’t seen how VW do it. They have a fabulous AR head-up display that projects directions onto the road for you, helping you to stay in lane and get to your destination in the safest way possible. And may we add, it comes with a touchpad steering wheel, we haven’t quite seen anything like it yet. Could it be the new and luxury electric car of 2020? Guess we’ll just have to wait and see, one thing we will say; we can’t wait to see what they look like once they get released. 

#4 What Have BMW Got To Offer?

If you’re thinking about googling “bmw electric cars 2020” then simply look no further. The BMW Vision iNEXT is the latest edition to the BMW electric family. BMW have magnificently designed a car with a bold and positive statement for the future. It’s a fully electric car with far more capabilities than ever before. 

It’s set out to be built at the BMW Group Plant Dingolfing at the beginning of 2021, using the latest innovation and creativity from the BMW team. It has as few fabulous features we’d like to mention:

  • Autonomous Driving
  • Connectivity
  • Electro-mobility
  • Striking paintwork
  • Intelligent Personal Assistant
  • Integration of D+Aces

It’s a pretty impressive electric car, with add on features including “Boost” mode where the steering wheel and displays are positioned towards the driver. You’ve also got an ”Ease” mode to help the driver engage more with the environmental changes. BMW claim it provides you with a comfortable and fashionably furnished “living space”, perfectly designed for your everyday family!

#5 The Latest Invention Of The Rimac C Two…

By now, you should be drooling over the thought of having an electric car and a cool one at that. But let us show you the Rimac C Two. We’d even go as far to say that this is one of the best electric cars of 2020, a truly luxurious vehicle. Along with an absolutely fascinating website, giving you the real experience of having a Rimac C Two. You even get the opportunity to “push the button to start the powertrain”!

It can reach 0-65 mph in 1.85 seconds, with a top speed of 412 mph and a motor torque of 2,300Nm, it’s definitely okay to say that this is a luxury and cool electric car. It really is classed as the “new breed of hypercar”!

In terms of other cool features, it also has some amazing butterfly doors, cutting edge design including aerodynamic elements and 58 LED lights all choreographed by one control unit. But it comes at a rather large price of £1.73 million, it’s a lot to handle….

Investing In The Power Of EV

If you are ready to invest in the power of EV and are wondering what else you need to know, get in touch today. One of the most important things is having an EV chargepoint whether that’s at your workplace, development or at home. Luckily we can help you with that! We’re OLEV approved chargepoint installers that can not only install your chargepoint but also ensure you have access to the latest funding schemes. Simply get in touch with our expert team today