With the huge surge in popularity of EVs and the consistent increase in charging infrastructure, technology is rapidly developing alongside the amount of EV charging stations in the UK.

Statistics show more than 50,000 EV sales in 2018 alone, and it’s only going to continue to increase both nationally and globally. Fewer and fewer people are choosing to stick with petrol and diesel cars for three crucial reasons: they’re continually burning a car-sized hole in their pockets (due to the ever-increasing cost of fossil fuels) and in the atmosphere (due to their harmful carbon emissions), while they will soon be unavailable to buy (due to the imminent petrol and diesel ban).

Very, very soon, people with EVs will no longer be in the minority and we will be in the midst of a true rEVolution of electric cars.

With so much going on in the world of EV, there is one really important question all business owners should be asking: is your business keeping up-to-date with new technology and providing the best incentives for your employees?

Beyond that there’s an even more important question (at least from the perspective of your bottom line): what is the best EV charging station, and do you know how installing EV chargepoints can boost your revenue in one of the easiest and PR-friendly ways possible?

Luckily for you, we’re a little obsessed with all thing electric and have all the answers. Here’s how to choose the best EV charging stations for your business in order to reap all the rewards of switching EVs…

What Is A Charging Station?

Before we get into the intricacies of charging stations, it’s important to be clear on exactly what we mean by the term. Any home owner with an electric car may get a chargepoint installed in their house. A charging station is a little different, as it’s a collection of more than two individual chargepoints within one area. They are most famously seen at service stations, supermarkets, shopping centres and even restaurants – anywhere multiple people have need of charging their EVs at the same time.

Given that everyone will eventually be driving EVs, every business owner needs to be thinking about where their employees will charge their cars, particularly if they have a fleet of company vehicles.

There are various areas across the country that offer the facility for customers to use charging stations (you can find your nearest one here). Companies that have this facility reap a lot of great rewards, and it provides an incentive for people to choose their business over others.

How EV Charging Stations Can Benefit Your Business…

There are so many benefits to installing charging stations for your business. One of the main ones being that it allows you to raise your profile, and show that you are supporting the planet by being more environmentally friendly. You can instantly enhance your reputation in your industry (whatever that niche may be) and stand out ahead of your competitors.

Another benefit is that it provides a more local facility for your employees and clients. The EV industry is growing rapidly and to have the opportunity to install charging stations before other companies is worth the investment. You may also find that people who use the chargers aren’t current customers, but may well become customers in the future due to the positive experience and convenience of your charging stations.

Going green is a massive benefit of EV, not only in supporting the earth but in positioning you as a company with strong, positive brand values. It creates brand loyalty and awareness, as people will notice that your company is more active in caring for the world.

Meanwhile, a failure to provide charging facilities also means that you aren’t accommodating those with EVs by providing them with an essential facility they need. When electricity replaces the petrol and diesel that gets people to work, shops, social events, and pretty much every aspect of life they need to travel to, knowing where they can charge their cars is going to become a bit of an obsession.

Another big benefit to having charging stations is that people with EVs are conscious of timing while their car is charging. This will influence them to come to you over competitors, and stay longer with you, knowing that they have a reliable and local chargepoint to boost their car, ready for the drive home.

Overall, it is convenient for employees and clients to have a charging station for your business, allowing you to be more cost-effective, as your employees will no longer have to go on that hour trek to find a suitable car charger, or miss work because their cars run out of juice.

What Is The Best EV Charging Station Available?

Choosing the best EV charging station that is perfectly suited to your business can be difficult. From pay EV charging stations to public relations EV charging stations, there are various options to choose from. Here are the highlights of each to help you choose which is best for your business:

Pay EV Charging Stations…

A pay EV charging station is a great way to boost revenue whilst providing an extra facility for your employees.

One of the main benefits of having an EV is their cost-effectiveness. EVs are cheaper to run compared to fossil fuelled vehicles. The huge financial businesses bonus is that you can now create an extra revenue stream for your business, by charging people to use your charging stations.

On average, public charging operators have a fee of 30p per kilowatt-hour for the electricity needed to charge a car. Occasionally, there is an admin fee which can cost up to £3.50, and sometimes an additional registration fee is required, costing up to £20 extra. This is very beneficial for businesses, as it allows you to integrate the latest in innovation and facilities for your team while collecting revenue from everyone benefitting from the addition of a new local charging station.

Staff will use it as it’s straight outside their workplace. Customers will take advantage of the charging opportunity while they are with you. And local residents or travellers will come to you to top up their charger, and may well stay for more of what you have on offer.

If you’re worried about competition, take advantage of the currently limited number of charging stations, and establish yourself as the go-to chargepoint before others appear in your area. To maximise your potential revenue, you can also charge by the minutes or hours of use, which usually makes it harder for EV users to determine the competitiveness within the market.

The largest benefit of providing charging stations for others to use is that in the long term it has the potential to pay itself off, with revenue covering the costs of installation and eventually allowing you to really profit from your project. Even if you only generate enough revenue to break even it’s still covered the cost of a positive venture that greatly benefits your business and boosts your profile, while paying for itself.

So, Why Pay EV Charging Stations?

With a new charging station not only will you have the benefit of more revenue and the potential to make a profit, but you also have the benefit of gaining brand loyalty.

New customers and even employees will have trust in you, knowing that you can facilitate further options for more than just diesel and petrol cars. There is a possibility for people to choose your business over others due to your dedication to innovation and an eco-friendly outlook, as well as convenience, bringing in new clientele and giving you a great company culture to attract the best employees.

The better you position your business as a forward-thinking force for positive change, the bigger chance of owning more responsibility within the market.

Your employees and current clients will be more faithful, remaining with you as they know that they have the option to grow with your business, as you have shown that you can continue to expand and keep up to date with new technology is important.

Public Relations EV Charging Stations…

Another type of charging station for EVs is a public relations station. These benefit your company by showing you care for the environment and tell your employees and clients you feel passionate about going green for the planet.

It reinforces the importance of looking after the planet and it will boost your position as an eco-friendly business. As a company, your reputation will be improved and you will be viewed externally and internally as a respectable company.

You can also apply for an environmental assessment by BREEAM. They provide assessments for projects, infrastructure and buildings, testing to for sustainability and to see how eco-friendly they are. To have this certificate is a major advantage as it shows your business is more environmentally cautious.

But Why Choose A Public Relations Charging Station?

Installing a charging station for your business encourages people to think more wisely about their own choices and allows you to take more ownership of your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

Taking action and installing a charging station is an easy way to invest in your business, future-proofing your infrastructure, boosting you company culture, raising your visibility, and demonstrating you are a socially responsible, eco-friendly company that provides and cares for your employees.

Do You Know About The Available Funding?

Just as homeowners have funding available to cover the cost of  a chargepoint, there is funding available for business owners too. You can have a maximum of 20 sockets and a grant of up to £500 per socket. It is granted under the Workplace Charging Scheme, which helps to reduce the cost of having chargepoints installed, and further ensure the project becomes a profitable new venture for your business.

How To Choose The Best Charging Station For Your Business…

Undeniably, EV chargepoints are a positive aspect to add to your business, but choosing the right one is always the hardest part. You will need to consider annother important aspect of chargepoints too, whether you want a fast or rapid charge:

Fast Charging…

A fast charge is perfect for employees working eight-hour shifts as it allows them to have their EV fully charged while they work. This obviously depends on the model of car, but it is definitely more accommodating and would work well for your employees.

Rapid Charging…

A rapid charge is (as the name suggests) faster than a fast charging station. These work more efficiently for vehicles that need a quick charge, for example, taxis and vehicles on the motorway.

Smart Charging…

Smart charging offers innovative options that allow cars to draw electricity from the grid at times it is least in demand, while also ‘topping up’ the grid itself by storing solar power only available during the day and feeding it back to the grid when the sun goes down. This is the perfect choice for your business if you have shifts running through the night and off-peak times.

Things To Consider…

Think about the benefits for you and also the benefits for the people who will be using the chargers.

Costing is key, as you need to work out the price of the charging stations and the equipment needed such as your cabling. This works alongside your access, as you need to target the people most likely to use your charging satiation, and make it as easily accessible for their specific needs as possible. 

Finally, finding a reliable installer like RES-EV is very important, as you want to guarantee that what you’re getting for the price is reliable and good quality. Having professionals installing your chargepoints gives you peace of mind that you may not find on the internet. As experts we can answer any queries you may have. Get in touch today for a free consultation, and we can discuss what the best type of EV charging point is for you and your business…