Electric cars are a great option – efficient, cost effective and good for the environment. However, with more brands than ever building electric cars, it’s difficult to know where to go for the best option. Never fear, here are some of the best electric car companies…

1. Tesla

Tesla is well known for producing high quality, cutting-edge vehicles, and their electric offerings are both creative and luxurious. 

Their electric vehicles have impressive range (with all of them offering over 300 miles from a single charge), and they have a variety to choose from. From the Model S which is an impressively rated luxury sedan to the Model X – an electric SUV with room for seven passengers. 

Tesla’s technologically advanced electric vehicles have become an aspirational dream for many – and that includes people hoping to buy an electric vehicle, and other electric car companies too!

2. BMW

 BMW have built both hybrid (vehicles that use both an electric battery and petrol for power) and all-electric vehicles. Their range is known as BMW i, and includes the i8 coupe, the i8 roadster and the i3 – a city car. 

The BMW electric vehicles have a focus on design. The i8 cars are peak luxury, with sleek and stylish interiors and exteriors. The i3 is funky and different; a distinctive car which is set apart from other electric cars. They are also known for their impressive acceleration and overall speed, and of course their infotainment systems are top of the range too.

3. Nissan

Nissan are the proud creators of the world’s most popular electric vehicle, the Nissan Leaf. The Leaf is a leader in the affordable electric car market, with its relatively low price points. The new Leaf range starts at £26,865 for an Acenta model and rises to £29,845 for the Tekna, which comes with significantly better key features (such as a Bose audio system and an electronic parking brake). For a brand new electric car, these prices are still very reasonable, and Nissan’s range has allowed far more people than ever before to access the benefits of electric vehicles.

4. Ford

Ford has managed to create an excellent range of electric vehicles for sale, giving consumers more choice than ever before. The Puma starts at only £20,545 and has EcoBoost Hybrid technology, whereas the Mustang Mach-E is an all-electric SUV for double the price (but far more of the roadside envy!). 

By 2020, Ford will have launched 14 new hybrid and electric vehicles in the UK and they are gradually electrifying their entire range of vehicles.

5. Volkswagen

Volkswagen are well known for being reliable, and the German automaker have not changed this with their electric vehicle collection. 

They have both full-electric and hybrid cars available. Their e-Golf set of cars have good acceleration and excellent safety features, and the e-Up! is one of the most affordable family electric vehicles on the market.

6. Kia

The South Korean car company have been focusing their efforts on electric cars for several years now, and their electric vehicles are impressively similar in look and feel to their non-electric counterparts. For example, the Kia Soul EV is virtually indistinguishable from the Kia Soul – it just has a 100-mile electric battery under its hood.

Which Electric Car Companies Should I Choose?

When you are on the hunt for an electric vehicle, the first thing to take into consideration is your budget. A smaller budget would nudge you towards those companies that focus on affordability, safety and reliability – such as Volkswagen and Kia. 

With a higher budget comes the options of BMW or Tesla, or perhaps the Mustang. But it is important to bear in mind – whatever your budget – that the costs of running your electric vehicle will be significantly cheaper than running a petrol counterpart. You might also be eligible for a government grant which will cover part of the cost of your car.

Full-Electric Or Hybrid?

Most of these car companies offer both full-electric and hybrid cars. While full-electric vehicles are more environmentally friendly, hybrid cars will travel significantly further, and you won’t have the concern of running out of charge. Technology is changing all of the time, though, and which you choose will depend enormously on how you intend to use the car. If your commute isn’t longer than around 20 miles, an electric car is a great option. If you regularly travel for much longer distances, a hybrid can be a better choice.

Don’t Forget…

When you have purchased your electric car, it is important to get a home chargepoint installed. You’re advised not to use a standard three pin plug to charge your car, because they could overheat and cause damage – both to your car and your home. A compact, convenient charge point will offer you the fastest, safest charging for your car.

RES-EV can install your charge point, and help you to access up to £500 in grant funding for your new installation. All you need to do is get in touch for a free survey.